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DeStructive's gameplay for Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (WII)

DeStructive played Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

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DeStructive said...
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Okay, after finding out where to unlock costumes the easiest, I progressed to find the spot where you could level up quickest.

So, there's a spot in the map in Mephistos realm, where the mobs instantly respawn upon defeat, always at the same location. These Enemys are weak.

Enter Deadpool:
The Power Dual Shot makes him to one of the strongest characters in the game. It's a power that fires off four shots/second. Those four shots cost 10-20 energy. If you keep the button pressed, he'll keep shooting until he runs out of energy, he gets attacked, or levels up.

Since defeating enemies usually drops energy orbs, and Deadpool is the only one using energy, he'll be recovering very fast, killing roughly one of these guys in 1-2 seconds. But he will, eventually, run out of energy. Oh wait, I have a

Hydro Suit:
Tiger Shark (Atlantis Boss), drops this item, which gives you +10 health/+10 energy after each defeat... Now if I could only up Dual Shot damage so I can get even better energy return... Enter:

Battle Cry:
Deadpool has this lovely little buff. It increases damage for his team - a lot-. My battlecried, hydrosuited, dual-shooting Deadpool killed one mob with EACH SHOT!

So, demon gore everywhere, the team leveling like mad, and the other teammates basically standing around, firing off their ultimates now and then, since the momentum coins dropped a -lot- too.

After an hour (and thirty-ish levels, 100k+ credits), I got kinda tired of sitting there and holding the button, and continued onwards. WHEEE!

Oh, and Daredevil is unlocked, too.
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (WII)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 3D Action RPG
Release Date: 19/NOV/06
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